A small plane carrying 6 American soldiers today July 18th crash landed on a highway outside Uganda's capital Kampala after running out of fuel. It had to make a quick safe landing to avoid any disaster.

Reports say the plane which took off from the Entebbe airport in Uganda was heading to neighboring South Sudan when their aircraft was forced to turn back due to bad weather and then land on a highway after running out of fuel approximately 40 miles from the airport. Fortunately no on was injured.

Uganda's army spokesman, Paddy Ankunda while confirming the incident said  "Nobody was hurt. There were eight passengers including the pilot and co-pilot,".  He attributed the lack of casualties to Uganda being 'full of miracles.' "Definitely there must have been a bit of luck. A highway is not a place for aeroplanes, so they were lucky to find no vehicles," he added

Emergency teams from Entebbe International airport were quickly drafted to refuel the fixed-wing craft so that it could return to base.


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