The respected Nigeria football exponent believes that lack of adequate information to the world football governing body was responsible for the ban on the country
As reactions continue to trail Nigeria suspension by the Federation of International Football Association, Caf technical instructor Adegboye Onigbinde has asserted out that the world football governing body might have been wrongly briefed on what led to the sack of the Nigeria Football Federation.

Fifa frowned at government third party interference in football and clamped down heavily on the country after a law court in Jos sacked the Aminu Maigari led NFF board .

In a no hold barred chat with Goal, the former Fifa technical instructor said that there have always been government interference in sports and football to be precise because the government funds it. He also revealed that the world football governing body might have been wrongly misinformed.

"We cannot surrender our sovereignty to the regulation of anybody or any organisation. The judiciary had given a judgement and the body concerned has not come out to state that it is appealing the verdict which means it abided by the verdict reached by the law court," Onigbinde told Goal.

"Fifa rules and regulations state that any football body must be able to handle its affairs dependent of its own and without interference from anybody or organisation.

"What do we have in Nigeria? Is it not the government that has been releasing the funds the NFF has been using to for their day to day activities? What is the interference if you ask someone to account for how he spent the money you gave to him for accountability?," he queried.

"If the truth must be told, we have not been following Fifa statutes in the country and football has always been run dependent on the government and it will be difficult to say that government is interfering when it is the same government that supply the funds needed.

"All the management of clubs in the country are on appointments and not democratically elected as stipulated in the FIFA statutes and if the government is to hands of football sponsorship in the country do you think we are going to have the NFF?

"Don't let fool ourselves, I believe Fifa was wrongly informed by some top stakeholders in the country to have meted this punishment on us," he concluded.



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