There are men of God who are in it for the long haul, and then there are some who seem to think it’s a fad. It’s hard to tell if the rapper Mase is in the first category or the second, but this might give us some clues.
According to TMZ, the rapper told his congregation at the El Lyon International Church in Georgia that he is ready to call it quits. The news site says that after growing tired of people in his church complaining about his ways, Mase is headed back to hip-hop, where he hopes to rejuvinate his rap career from many years ago.
The church and it’s members have hit some controversy as of late. Members of the church were calling out to the press to complain about the rapper, stating that he was becoming too secular to be their preacher. They said that he seemed to be living a double life by spending his time with vulgar hip-hop artists, while preaching the word of God on the weekends. It seems that double lives are quite common in many churches, where people now seem to feel that all lines of behavior can be crossed.
Mase’s congregation was on its way out of the door anyway, since people have the right to choose who they want as their pastor. Mase even banned his ex-wife Twyla Betha, from the pulpit after she was arrested for a DUI.
Unfortunately for Mase, he wasn’t the greatest rapper back during his heyday in the 1990s. It’s hard to know if he can actually make a real comeback or if this is just an old man’s middle age crisis. We wish him the very best in his transition.
So, please tell us. Can a man be a rapper and a pastor at the same time?

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