Fast-rising Nollywood actress,  Nkem Ike who made her debut in the industry in 2009 told Tubes and Stars during a recent interview that sexual harassment does not exist in the movie industry. The actress who has starred in quite a number of flicks including ‘Aso Ebi Girl’ and ‘Enemies in Progress’ who claimed not have experience such harassment maintained that if any exec should ask an actress out, the proper action to take is to walk out. 

“If a producer asks you out , it is your right to walk out on him . It is not as if a gun is pointed to your head . For me , I have not been in such a situation before . But maybe it has to do with the way I started . Andy Amaechi found me and gave me my first role and it continued from there . Most of the times I played major roles , so maybe that is why I didn’t experience such . I used to say that I have never seen a man or woman who said they used gun to harass him or her in the industry . “I have never experienced harassment either . if someone  asks  you out you simply decline and go your way.Those who think the easiest way to get roles and become a star is trading their bodies should realise that it dies not work in that way ,Marketers are out for business and naturally feature those who have market value and help them recoup their value afterwards .Nobody has complained that he or she was harassed at gunpoint . Sexual harassment does not exist in Nollywood the way it is usually painted , ” she said .


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