This week, we are looking at how your walk with God is affected by your sex life. If God has no dominion over your sex life, then He has no dominion over your entire life. We see here how Solomon & Samson got their relationships with God messed up by indulging in fornication and adultery.  This is a very powerful teaching you dont want to miss reading.
*           Today, we are discussing sex & #SoulTies. Terminology may be very graphic and detailed so please bear with us.
*           As it is our custom we start with a bible reading and we dive in afterwards. #SoulTies
*           1 Thess 5:23 I pray God your whole spirit and soul & body be preserved blameless unto d coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. #SoulTies
*           We all on earth are made up of spirit,soul & body.Ur spirit is God conscious, soul self conscious, body sense conscious. #SoulTies
*           When you accepted Christ, it is only your spirit that got reborn. Your soul and body didn’t change. 2 Cor 5:17 #SoulTies
*           The day you got saved, your mind still remembered everywhere you have been and you didn’t grow any taller. #SoulTies
*           Your soul is made up of your mind, emotions and will. After you get saved, your mind is in the process of being saved. #SoulTies
*           Your emotions control how you feel. Your mind controls how you think. Your will controls your decisions. #SoulTies
*           Things that took place in your soul before you got saved don’t automatically go away at new birth. #SoulTies
*           Ur life flows in the direction of ur thinking so we don’t see the nature of God in ur conduct until u apply Godís Word. #SoulTies
*           Now let’s jump into sex. God gave mankind a commandment in Gen 1:28 #SoulTies
*           Gen 1:28 and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion #SoulTies
*           God said they should multiply (that can only happen by sex) and then have dominion. Your sexuality is tied to dominion. #SoulTies
*           God designed this sex to only happen between husband and wife. I’ll run through 3 reasons why God gave sex. #SoulTies
*           Because dominion is tied to sex, if God doesn’t have control over your sexuality, then He has no control over your life. #SoulTies
*           God marked Abraham in the area of his sexuality before he began to do serious business with him. #SoulTies
*           Sister, please don't do any relationship business with any man whose sexuality isn't marked by God. aka Chastity #SoulTies
*           1st reason God gave sex was for consummation of the marriage covenant between man and woman. #SoulTies
*           His original purpose was that only one man was to ever penetrate his wife sexually in her entire lifetime. #SoulTies
*           Consummation by sex was to bind their souls in the deepest possible way. #SoulTies

Please follow the link below to read the complete scoop on how your walk with God is affected by your sex life. If God has no dominion over your sex life, then He has no dominion over your entire life. Looking forward to seeing you again next week. Please share this article with all your friends. Breaking Soul Ties
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