This week, we attempt to identify good #SoulTies and bad #SoulTies in the bible. We also see the potential that all the #SoulTies have to abort the manifestation of the believers destiny. The love of  food, sleep, sex and money are major #SoulTies that we need to deal with.
  • Tonight we want to fine tune our definition of #SoulTies make it more inclusive while highlighting the clearly dangerous ones
  • If we gain enough speed, Ill answer a popular female question which is Why do married men cheat?Otherwise next week Thursday
  • After God called His creation good; this included man and woman. They had spirits, souls and bodies. All were good
  • This also meant that their souls were good before they sinned in the garden of Eden. Nothing wrong with their souls
  • Gen 2:24: Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto His wife; and they shall become one flesh.
  • It was part of Gods original intention that their souls would be knit together in one purpose. Ill explain
  • The soul comprises of the mind, the will and emotions. Minds cleaving together meant they had the same knowledge, memories and imaginations
  • Wills cleaving together meant they would decide to do the same things in the course of their lives
  • Emotions cleaving together meant that they would both love the Lord and also love themselves without reservations.
  • Effectively, it was in Gods original design that Adam and Eve would have #SoulTies with each other on the earth
  • Let us call this the first example of #SoulTies which really is a positive one
  • After the fall, satan corrupted the whole of humanity; spirit, soul and body. So #SoulTies also became corrupted in their operation
  • Next, we look at the other types of positive #SoulTies that are not necessarily sin but satan can still manipulate to derail you
  • #Soulties with your children or adopted children are positive ones. Jacob had #Soulties with Joseph because of how He was born
  • This reflected in his decision to sew him a coat of many colors. However these #SoulTies exposed Josephs dream to jeopardy
  • The #SoulTies were not sexual or sinful, but they had the potential of aborting the manifestation of Josephs spiritual destiny
  • They were valid #SoulTies but they obscured sound spiritual judgment, God still made everything end well for Joseph though
  • Theres another kind of #SoulTies youve with your parents. It explains the grief we feel when they are departed
  • When children are under their parental covering, theyre commanded by the Bible to honor and obey them
  • However, your future as a child is in Gods hands and your parents dont have the knowledge of Gods exact will for your life
  • Also some parents may not be engaged in the worship of God while trying to command their children who have met with the Lord

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