Opinion: Why Young Nigerians Should Join Political Parties
Young Nigerian Professionals during interactive session with President Kagame- Lagos, 10 November 2012 (Photo Credit: Flickr/Paul Kagame)

by Faith Nwosu
Everyday we are being told that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and that If the youths do not take conscious effort and steps in the right directions, this may never happen. We will keep getting the old people, those who once ruled returning to rule.
Why should it be that only certain names and faces are seen constantly in Nigeria politics? Where are the youth to lead the future? Today is yesterday’s future. Why are the youths quiet and nonchalant about governance? Are the youths waiting for leadership to be handed over to them by someone? Are they waiting for these old people to die then they inherit the governance.
The change we require does not happen by miracle. There can be a miracle in the process but change comes from a significant alteration of norms and behaviours. What this tells me is that if a change is required in politics and those who govern, there has to be a significant alteration – synonyms: change, adjustment, adaptation, modification, variation, conversion, revision, amendment; remodelling, reshaping, rebuilding, reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling, revamping, remaking; transformation, evolution, change; in the norms that governs which ultimately can lead to a change in behaviour of people within a nation.
I have seen many people in Nigeria fight for so many cause which are great, many raise their voices on different subjects and we see change happen.
This blog is a call for a change in Politics, a remoulding an evolution of our political system. I am calling on the youths and learned citizens of Nigeria and those in diaspora to get involved in political parties and influence the norms and behaviours in the parties.
I look at western worlds like The UK and America. It is however more pronounced in America than in the UK nearly all households belong to a political party.
By being in a party you get to understand the norms and behaviours of that party and with the skills and experience of many people in the party they are able to make the parties what it ought to be. You become part of every aspect of the party. You join in decision making when vote is required, when nomination is required, when finance is required, when volunteers are required etc. things happens because of the people in the party.
Each party has its own mentality because of their norms which has been accepted by members of the party. In the UK we know if the Conservatives are in power, we know the direction the economy will go same with the Labour Party.
For Nigeria what do we get? Can we continue to let this be the case? Nigeria is a country with the best brains in the world? See how the country was able to deal with the Ebola crisis, this tells us that there is nothing we decide to do that we cannot do.
Nigerians should get involved in Parties, by so doing, they will get to know what happens in the parties and be able to influence a change. Be involved in the party not just in words but indeed. Get involved in decision making so decisions are not left to godfatherisim.
Different groups should start talking about this subject; it should be on air, on TV on various talk-shows and conferences.
The political parties are not doing anything to get people to join them because they do not want people to so they can continue doing the same thing they have been doing for years and yet producing no results. If we must get a different result we must make a decision to do things differently. The key word here is ‘Do’ a lot of people talk in Nigeria. You can hear them on radio, TV, Talk-shows, conferences etc but yet no action. Join a party!
Arise o compatriot, the time for change is now, and the time to alter the norms and behaviours in our political system is now. You are that change that is needed. Get involved. Just being in a political party and being a voice is better. It is a great way to start the journey of changing things.
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