Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, weekend claimed the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the South West would be rejected by the people in 2015 because of its alleged misbehaviour.
PDP-APCNational Auditor of the party, Mr. Adewole Adeyanju spoke in Abeokuta during a prayer/Iftar  session for Nigeria involving various tribes, including Hausa and Yoruba, dedicated to promoting peace in the country.
Speaking after the prayers, Adeyanju, who accused the APC of neglecting the people, lamented that hunger was in the the South West due to the style of governance adopted by the APC.
While faulting the construction of bridges and roads by APC governments in the South West, he said employment and food should be given priority before infrastructure, noting “When we are running government, it is not good to take our people for granted.
”Development should start with the people. If people are hungry, I don’t know the type of government that we are running. If people are not well-fed, they cannot walk on the roads. If people are not well-fed, they cannot ply the bridges.
“Please, all the governments we want to run, let us first make the welfare of the people a priority. If there are jobs, we will be able to pay schools fees of children and do good things of life. But, unfortunately, in the South West, the governments here have taken us for granted too much and I can assure you they are going to pay for it. In fact, they have already started paying with the result of Ekiti State because people have said they are hungry. By God’s grace, the government that will prioritise welfare of the people will be installed in next elections.”
Speaking on the prayer, Adeyanju said”we have held this prayers because we believe in prayer. We need peace in Nigeria. For us to have peace, we must continue to have prayers. What will bring us peace in Nigeria is to accept ourselves. The Yoruba should accept the Hausa; the Hausas should accept the Igbos; the Igbos should accept the Ibibios.
“Yesterday, Nigeria was ruled by a Yoruba man. Today it is being ruled by a Bayelsa man and I think this is their time. We should give them their time so that Nigeria can have peace. Jonathan is from Bayelsa, they allowed us to use eight years; I think we should allow Jonathan also to rule.”



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