This week, we are looking at how your associations with sinful people serve to strengthen your evil #SoulTies. We see that evil #SoulTies will not be cut, if you dont do away with these associations that you practise sin together with. This is a very powerful teaching you dont want to miss reading.
•    As is our custom, we will start by reading the scriptures and then start moving swiftly through the gears.
•    Ephesians 2:3a “Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh…”
•    “… fulfilling the desires of the flesh & of the mind; & were by nature d children of wrath, even as others.”
•    We see from the scripture that Paul said that we developed our #SoulTies in association with other children of disobedience.
•    Tonight we are sharing on #SoulTies you developed and sharpened with your friends in the world. They are very destructive.
•    If you look at your life today and you find any bad habits, you will also find people in your life with whom you practice them.
•    Habits aka #SoulTies are rarely practiced in isolation. Smokers usually go downstairs in packs to smoke together. They rarely go alone.
•    A #Naija friend of mine said she didnt know her #SoulTies so I should figure out what they are. I told her I couldnt all d way from here.
•    I said if I lived in her house for a week Ill figure out her #SoulTies. Youll instantly think Ill go there to watch her. No!!
•    Ill be watching her friends not her. Your friends tell me who you are because you fraternize on the basis of #SoulTies. Its that simple!
•    Geeks fraternize with geeks. Drug addicts fraternize with drug addicts. Holy people fraternize with holy people.
•    Prostitutes fraternize with prostitutes. Alcoholics fraternize with alcoholics. Musicians fraternize with musicians.
•    Spiritually serious people fraternize with spiritually serious people. Womanizers fraternize with womanizers.
•    Who are the people you love to be with or you feel most comfortable being with? That tells us what your #SoulTies are.
•    I tell singles to keep an eye on who their date has as closest friends. They reflect the real him not what hes showing you.
•    I can accurately predict your future by observing your friends. You may pretend to me but your friends show who you are
•    In addition to seeking spiritual deliverance from #SoulTies habits, the associations that brought you there must be TERMINATED.
•    Over 12 years ago, a friend of mine coughed strangely on the phone. I knew that cough because I used to smoke in Egypt.
•    It was a smokers cough. Shes saved & she sang in the choir. I confronted her and she owned up to doing a packet a day.
•    She said she wanted to be out of it so I figured out quick that there must be a group. I asked if her best 3 friends smoked.
•    Answer was YES for all 3. In fact they all lived together & all sang in the choir. Their boyfriends also attended same church
•    I told her that deliverance would only come by her packing out of that house. No use wasting time tongue talking there
•    Dangerous sexual habits are hardly developed as lone wolves. They are mostly developed with friends of like minds.
•    Most smokers and alcoholics were introduced to those addictions by friends. Others by intense remote observation.
•    1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”
•    Your efforts at deliverance and discipline fall apart like a cheap 2 dollar suitcase when your evil associations remain intact.
•    Many sincere and well meaning Christians never reach their full potential because of #SoulTies they practice with evil associations.
•    If your 3 friends boast of how many girls they have been with this month, what will you also boast of? Soon youll find one to be with the same way!
•    If you dont do the same, you cant measure up to the standard of that group. So you either do what your friends are doing or vote with your feet.
•    Ladies, your turn. Your 3 closest friends described what they did with their boyfriends last weekend. You dont have any.
•    Next week, youll give in to a guy whos been nagging you or youll vote with your feet out of that association.
•    Alcoholics boast about how many pints they can consume before they get smashed. Men dont like being inferior so they drink on
•    …switched to the phone, can tweet while hair is being cut.
•    If you have a sex addiction, you MUST cut off completely from the sex partner and your pressure group who practice same.
•    Same with alcohol, drugs and porn. You must terminate those relationships that brought you into those addictions.
•    You are not to hang in there trying to convince them to come with you. If you want to be free, you flee.
•    This is in addition to renewing your mind with Gods Word and also removing your eye gates from these addictions.
•    If you want to beat a sex problem you need to cancel your subscription to the porn channels.
•    Lot and his wife saw nothing wrong in Sodom & Gomorrah because they had stayed too long there watching the wrong people.
•    You are a virgin. Dont make those who have no value for chastity your closest friends. Theyll talk you out of it.
•    You are more likely to arrive your desired destination if you forsake evil associations that breed #SoulTies in your life.

Please follow the link below to read the complete scoop on how your association with sinful people enforces your bad #SoulTies. Looking forward to seeing you again next week. Please share this article with all your friends. Breaking Soul Ties 

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