Frances Cunningham, a Pub owner was sent a letter accompanied with £100 as apology from an “ashamed” burglar who had broken in to the pub over 20 years ago. Mrs Cunningham, who took over as owner of the pub in 1993, said she cannot remember the break-in, which apparently caused damage to the cigarette machine. But last week she received a letter and the cheque confessing all, she will not reveal the name of the person, a woman from Wales, who sent the letter and money as recompense but in the letter, the burglar writes: “To Mr and Mrs Cunningham, “I was involved in a burglary at your business in 1992, approx. “I didn’t break in or smash up the ciggarette machine but I was there and I went in. “I am very very sorry I did not realise the seriousness of my actions at the time I had been through alot and had no idea were to get help. “I am ashamed and sad because of the fear it may of induced and the cost and time. “I wish I could take it back alot. “I hope that you will never be bothered by such cruelty ever again. “Yours sincerely” The letter concludes: “P.S. If there are any further costs, let me know.” Mrs Cunningham added: “I think she’s got a conscience and worried about this for a very long time and I hope she doesn’t worry about it anymore. “She’s obviously been blaming herself and worrying. I shall now write back to her and thank her.” Mrs Cunningham said the £100 has been banked and donated to the local church.


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