Firstly, we’d like to say before we go on that this is in no way an argument or a statement of facts. We understand the reasoning dynamics of the beings of our generation and we are not inclined to thrash out issues with anyone. This is just an expression of our thoughts on the subject matter and as such no argument is required. Thank you.
Now to more important issues.
Well, what the youth of today supposedly “blow” their minds with is taking nude pictures of themselves and some even go as far as sending them to people. In my humble opinion, taking/sending nudes is relative. What do I mean by that, right? Well, a simple explanation to that would be “One man’s food, is another man’s poison”. Meaning that everything means different things to different people. Interpretation of thoughts, gestures and actions basically boils down to individuality or the individual in question. Now, different people take pictures of themselves nude for different reasons. Some to view their body from another perspective (the camera in this case), some to show other people the sexiness (or scariness) or awesomeness of God as far as their physical body is concerned and other depraved (or not so depraved) reasons. Some even take such pictures to spite other people. Some even go to the extent of taking these (mostly inglorious) pictures to fit in or appeal to a certain person or set of people, as the case may be. Now that being said, there comes the question of the moral justification of this act.
Is this just for fun or an act to prove that you’re mature? and if it is, how mature do you think the boy/girl you’re sending it to is? If, you are the sending type.
Thanks to social networks, someone’s naked body is no longer a sacred thing. The new rave, on twitter especially, is twitpic-ing nudes of friends turned foes or anybody else. Let’s not forget that every human being has a right to privacy and frankly speaking no one REALLY cares about what you do in your spare time. We just need something to talk about when we are bored, mostly. So taking nudes isn’t precisely a bad thing to do. I mean, it’s your body, your phone (or whatever people use, to take these pictures), your mirror (for those of you who just can’t get enough) etc. If that is right, then the moral question only comes as per what you do with the picture.
Now this is the main focus of this piece. People do a lot of things with nude pictures. From getting contracts (yes, modeling contracts) to movie roles (yes again, pornography is a legit business in some countries) to personal fantasies and basic revenge or moments of insanity, the list is really vast. Now, I will focus on a more precise aspect of the aforementioned. Social media is the IT thing amongst us these days. Even the older generation has caught the bug (and it took them a long time. Thank God). I don’t need to enlighten you people on the positives and negatives of social media (I mean, some of you have even made ‘careers’ out of these things) so we wouldn’t delve into that. Now let’s put this into real perspective. Twitter is like the “most super coolest” of all the social media platforms right now (or at least that’s what we think in Nigeria) and yes, it really is cool and damaging. Many a scandal has been caused on twitter and many lives have been damaged or hurt irreparably too. Great friendships, relationships even great minds have been forged on twitter. The possibilities both positively and negatively are extensively numerous.
Now to the focal point. The question that keeps coming to my mind when I see these pictures is “Why? “Why do people keep doing this and why do we never learn?”
I’d like to address three sets of people concerning this issue, the people who derive pleasure in twitpic-ing these pics; those who send it and those who do nothing but judge and criticize.
In real life when people exchange nudes, it is based on some sort of level of trust. You either trust them to keep the pictures safe or to keep them as they should be kept –as private items. So, those of you who derive pleasure in twitpic-ing nudes of others should remember that those nudes were sent to you based on trust and the belief that you would be mature enough to keep it safe.
Now, personally, I don’t have a problem with people exchanging nudes. Everyone is entitled to do as they please with their property. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean that stupidity doesn’t have consequences. If you send your nudes to someone (guy or girl, it doesn’t matter) you have to consider the possibility that that person might not be the ‘matured’ person you think them to be. I mean, for something that delicate and sensitive, how can you not consider every possible outcome of that act? I’m not saying people shouldn’t send nudes to each other, but stop to think for a second and be absolutely sure that you are not going to regret it. So, how mature and trustworthy are you to twitpic it all for a fight or whatever reason you have? Do you think that if that person had the slightest idea that you would betray their trust by spreading the picture, s/he would gladly send it to you? From my understanding, nude pictures are supposed to be exchanged between two consenting, mature partners to boost their sex lives, so why do so many immature people have access to those pictures?
And guys, that you can get a girl to send you her nudes doesn’t make you any better than anyone. If you leak the picture, your bank account wouldn’t increase by a cent. Neither will your IQ. So what’s the basic point? Some short-lived moment of supposed victory? Really? To be honest, I have asked girls for nudes myself. Girls I was dating at the time. No one is perfect and no one is trying to crucify anyone but the madness has to stop! We guys take advantage of the frailties of the female gender too much and it’s largely unfair. Although to be honest, the game is played on both sides of the fence but we can’t deny the fact that girls mostly bear the brunt of it all. And girls, some of you display such extreme acts of stupidity that if the mad people at yaba could comprehend, they would probably give shouts of praise to the Almighty to show appreciation that their condition is still better.
Come to think of it, why do guys/girls mostly/only twitpic pictures of other girls and not guys?
What amazes me most is that guys aren’t the only ones leaking nudes pics of girls on the internet, some girls do it too. For those kind of girls, I really don’t know what to say to you. Really, what exactly is there to say in the face of such blatant stupidity? I want you to just think about one thing before twitpic-ing pictures of your fellow girl just to win a fight. Have you ever noticed a guy twitpicing nudes of another guy to win a twitfight? Whether he has it or not, do you think he would? (Why should he even have it the first place?) There’s something called a “bro code” which “legally” binds guys and restricts them from committing certain acts, but we ladies do not have that and even if we do, I’ve never noticed it being practiced. All I notice, on twitter especially, is one girl always trying to bring the other down by every means possible, even if it means siding with other guys against her. Yes. That’s very true. Why do we ladies derive such pleasure in bringing down or belittling another female, especially in front of other guys? A guy can never take sides with another girl against other guys and even if one decides to, it’s highly unlikely and happens in very rare cases.
I also noticed on twitter that some insensitive gimps who delude themselves into believing they truly belong to the category of the “female” species also join their brainless boyfriends or male friends to expose nudes of their fellow girl. Yes, I know we can all be pushed to the wall and as such, act in a manner we would not have liked to act had we been in a sane mood, but when you make that mistake and do not only feel proud of yourself as an overgrown she-goat for committing such a despicable act, but also go ahead to repeat said act more than once, then that is where I have a problem. The fact that some of you girls claim to be “pastors’ daughters” who not only do not show any remorse for their actions, but prove to us that they would do it again if given the opportunity, makes me shudder with disgust. Really, I have no words to describe such kind of people because, I don’t think the worst word to describe a fool in the English Language is suitable enough for them. Need I also remind you that you shall also get what’s coming to you because, you would also be betrayed by those same accomplices of yours and there’d be no one to sympathize with you.
In this society that we are in today, we women need to stick together and be each other’s keeper. Set a standard for yourself and live by it.
Some of you go as far as not only twitpic-ing nudes, but also spread lies in accompaniment of the nudes, just to bring people down or win ‘twitfights’. Really, all I can say to you is that you are a coward. If you need nudes to win a ‘twitfight’ or prove that someone is a ho, then you are the worst kind of fool to walk this earth (you should have been extinct,instead of the dinosaurs.) Simply because you think “it’s just twitter,” you say or do whatever you deem fit so you can hurt the other person. It’s NOT just twitter and I feel very sorry for you because your reward cannot only be in hell, but would begin here on earth.
However, those who ‘twitpic’ the nudes are not the only ones to blame for this; some other people also need to bear part of the blame and we are going to address them in the final part…

Article written and compiled by @Le_Tiny & @Dhreyy_ .. Lets encourage them and educate our generation..


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