Even if it’s an investment of some sort, if you end up like any of these 9 plastic surgeries gone wrong, it’s an investment not worth making.
There’s nothing more pathetic than a man or woman ruining their face with cosmetic surgery because of low self-esteem or self-hatred
1. Jocelyn Wildenstein
 Holy cow!
Here comes the “cat woman”. Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York socialite, known for extensive facial surgeries, an extravagant lifestyle. She reportedly spent $4,000,000 on various surgeries to look like a  feline.
2. Suzanne Somers.
The 64 year old Suzanne Somers has undergone $100,000 worth of plastic surgery. She had her cheeks plumped, nose job, facelift, brow lift, lip injections and other ones yet to be named.
3.Mickey Rourke
The actor turned boxer, in an effort to get back his former looks after years of damage caused by boxing, decided to let a plastic surgeon have a go at it.
He said, “I had my nose broken twice. I had five operations on my nose and one on a smashed cheekbone. I had to have cartilage taken from my ear to rebuild my nose and a couple of operations to scrape out the cartilage because the scar tissue wasn’t healing properly,”
I bet you never saw this coming Rouke!
4. Lil Kim
One word… FUGLY!!!
5. Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow made the whole world sing with hits like ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ and ‘I Write the Songs.’
Aside from his albums going multi-platinum and having billboard hit singles, his face has also made headlines with his outrageous OBSESSION with plastic surgery.
6. Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers is a moving encyclopedia of cosmetic surgery, Even after over 700 procedures, the fashion police host is still planning on having more surgery.
7. Sharon Osbourne 
Sharon Osbourne
This is exactly what happens when you have more money than you need!
8. Donatella Versace
9. Courtney Love
Are you still wondering why she’s on the list?
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